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Beth Lederman has been playing keyboards professionally for more than 30 years. She has her own unique, confident sound. Beth is a mainstay in the Phoenix jazz scene; but her influences and experiences are widely spread across many different musical styles. From bossa-nova to swing to pop music, it’s all played with heartfelt integrity.

She is an Arizona native; her family ran Lederman Music Co., which was a chain of stores in the Valley until the 1980s. Beth began classical studies at age 5 and went on to earn a B.A. in Music from ASU. She has backed many different groups and played concerts, clubs, churches, and casuals in Arizona, Canada and Mexico. What she brings to every performance is a spirit of creativity, a sense of humor, and a commitment to excellence. Some of her career highlights include being band leader for the Brazilian jazz group “Novo Mundo”, salsa band “Más”, Brazilian group “Zum,Zum,Zum” musical director for a touring production of “Phantom of the Opera”, and of course her own group, “Jazz Con Alma”. Check out her Discography.

Beth Lederman Tucks Into Crowd-Pleasing Jazz for Christmas Shoppers

One of the best jazz musicians around is Beth Lederman, a keyboardist who prefers her tunes steeped in melody and mood. Most recently, she fronted an accidental quartet in a surprisingly well-received gig outside at the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix.

Carol Banks for axs

Las Sombras

Arizona-born pianist-composer Beth Lederman’s new CD, Las Sombras represents her incredible piano diversity, inventive arrangements, and memorable originals. Beth has led two strong combos during the past decade, the Brazilian-focused Novo Mundo and the newer Jazz con Alma Latin ensemble.

She demonstrates her agile keyboard style and fertile imagination with standards and originals that include the longtime audience favorite, “Supai Waltz.” This album offers high-level musicianship for an ear-pleasing mix of Latin and swing sounds that includes Beth’s distinctive solo interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.”

The tracks are enhanced by an A-list of guest artists: Dennis Rowland, Jerry Donato, Mike Crotty, Mary Petrich, Sherry Roberson, Paul Anderson, Joe Garcia, Kay Peper, Todd Chuba, Mike King, Mike Ozuna, and Pete Pancrazi, each adding a diverse element to her stellar core trio of Felix Sainz on bass and Emerson Laffey on drums. This one’s a keeper for serious jazz collectors.

Patricia Myers for

“Any recording is a marker of the artist’s vision at a point in time and Beth Lederman is at a very good place in the arc of her career. Her latest release, “Las Sombras,” is a noteworthy landmark in her career as a jazz pianist and composer.” – Read more (383KB jpeg)

Traditional Jazz with a Hint of Tropical Flavor

“I love Latin and Brazilian music,” said Lederman, who is also the leader of the Brazilian jazz group Novo Mundo. “I like the rhythms, which are complex in harmony.” – Read more (282KB pdf)

Lederman Quartet Returns for an Encore

Jazz pianist Lederman will be joined by Tom Williams on bass, Mike Crotty on various horns, and local drummer Gerry Reynolds. Bob Smolenski, a popular local piano player, is also expected to join the group on several tunes. – Read more (234KB pdf)

Jazz It Up

… pianist-bandleader Beth Lederman’s real joy is sitting down to play jazz, an improvised music that is difficult to play and even more difficult to sell. “Sometimes I wonder why I do this,” she said. “It’s a lot of work and not much money. But the music needs to be played.” – Read more (244KB pdf)

Get Jazzed for Dad’s Day

“One of the reasons I like Latin jazz is because it’s so demanding,” she explains. “It’s a fusion of Latin rhythms with traditional jazz harmonics and a lot of advanced chord changes. I’ve been drawn to it for a long time.” – Read more (243KB pdf)

Jazz in the Garden at Desert Botanical Garden

Besides the swimming pool and the kitchen freezer, where can you go to cool off in Phoenix? Sure, air conditioning helps lower your body temperature, but being cool is more than that. It’s a state of mind induced by your surroundings. Rather than escaping the desert, seek it out and drink in its beauty, its mystery, its lore and wonder. But do it in the moonlit tranquility of evening, and do it to the free-spirited melodies of jazz. – Read more (631KB pdf)

Students Feel the Rhythm of Jazz del Nuevo Mundo

Tapping feet, snapping fingers and smiling faces were signs that students were having fun. Along with that fun, they were learning about rhythms and jazz with The Beth Lederman Quartet during the Gila Valley Arts Council’s first school residency program of their 2008 – 2009 “Season of Delight.” – Read more (144KB pdf)

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