A Wide Selection of Music

Beth has an extensive list of music titles from a wide-ranging list of genres and artists that are perfect for every occasion. While the pdf files listing her most popular selections are by no means complete, they can give you an idea of the depth and creativity she can bring to any occasion. If you have a request, there's a good chance Beth can play it. Browse through the downloadable pdf lists below.

Complete Music Samples

Christmas Music - Nov. 11, 2022;
Traditional Christmas Carols with a Jazz Twist.

12 Songs, 39 minutes.
Copyright by Fervor Records

beth playing Supai Waltz

Beth and Jazz con Alma Winter Solstice Concert - Dec. 21, 2018;
Beth - piano, Steven Powell and Heather Jakeman - vocals,
Jerry Donato - tenor sax,
Feliz Sainz - bass guitar,
Emerson Laffey - drums,
Frank Valdes - percussion

beth playing a Winter Soltice Concenrt

Topkat Studios Interview by Rebecca de la Torre, November 21, 2015;
Beth - piano, Mike King - bass,
Emerson Laffey - drums

beth playing Supai Waltz

"Both Sides Now" - From the "Four Sophisticated Piano Ladies" concert, Kerr Cultural Center, Scottsdale, Arizona on November 10, 2010;
Beth - piano.

beth playing day tripper

"Supai Waltz," September 28, 2015; Beth - piano, Feliz Sainz - upright bass.

beth playing Supai Waltz

"Far Away," September 28, 2015;
Beth - piano, Feliz Sainz - upright bass.

beth playing stompin' at the savoy

"Jazz Con Alma" - playing "Day Tripper" at the Kerr Cultural Center May 2011

beth playing day tripper

"Jazz Con Alma" playing Cold Duck Time at the Westbrook Village Lakes Club, Nov. 26, 2013; Beth - piano, Jerry Donato - sax, Felix Sainz - bass, Joe Garcia - percussion,
Emerson Laffey - drums.

youtube video of jazz con alma

Beth Lederman & Friends playing "Footprints" at The Nash, Jan. 13, 2013; Beth - piano,
Mario Mendivil - bass,
Joe Garcia - percussion,
Todd Chuba - drums

beth playing footprints

The Novo Mundo Quartet playing "Garota de Ipanema" at the Sunday A'Fair, Scottsdale Center for the Arts on March 30, 2014;
Beth - piano and vocals,
Kay Pepper - vocals and guitar,
Felix Sainz - bass guitar,
Emerson Laffey - drums

beth playing mas que nada

Four Sophisticated Piano Ladies in Concert at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center, November 10, 2010, playing "Stompin' at the Savoy";
Beth Lederman and Judy Roberts - piano

beth playing stompin' at the savoy